We'll Embrace Our History and Be Proactive to Create an Even Better Tomorrow.

Ensure the quality of our community through better decision-making and a modern city government by:

  • Measuring success and failure to keep our city government accountable.
  • Providing easier access to city information and services through a more user-friendly website.

Keep Frederick awesome by being proactive and addressing the needs of all residents by:

  • Embracing the diversity, entrepreneurial spirit and creative energy of our city. 
  • Keeping the history, safety and value of our community intact.

Streamline regulations and drive smart growth to:

  • Make it easier to enhance our homes and protect our neighborhoods. 
  • Attract the forward-thinking businesses that give us the opportunity to both live and work in the city.

Making sure Frederick doesn’t lose ground but actually, continues to grow and improve for all of us.


Our Historically Hip Downtown and Warm Welcoming Vibe is Why I Decided to Call Frederick Home.

The city of Frederick is truly unique. Our entrepreneurial spirit and creative energy are thriving right along with our desire to keep the safety and value of our community intact.  

Nurturing this atmosphere will keep us moving forward in a smart way.


About Me


I’m a newcomer to Frederick local politics but, I know how government operates.

I've worked in management consulting and the information technology field as a contractor to the federal government for over 19 years.  I've also worked in local government for 5 years before that.

And, I know how to utilize our tax dollars in the most effective and efficient ways.

I've spent my entire professional career working at both the local and federal level to ensure the most efficient and effective ways to provide government services so as not to waste the tax dollars that are funding them.